What’s the Record for the World’s Largest Iced Coffee?

World's Largest Iced Coffee

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Have you ever sat in a cafe, sipping a delicious iced coffee and wondered: ‘what’s the world’s largest iced coffee ever made?’ Although it may surprise many of you, the largest iced coffee ever is 14,228.1 litres. Imagine drinking all that in one go!

Who Made the World’s Largest Iced Coffee?

Now, when you hear ‘the world’s largest iced coffee’ a few destinations probably come to mind. America? Canada? Nope. In fact, the world’s largest iced coffee comes from the country of South Korea.

The people behind this madness belong to a fantastic cafe in Yangju, South Korea called Caffé Bene. On 17th July 2014, they woke up, and decided: ‘we’re going to make the world’s largest iced coffee today.’

What Type of Iced Coffee Did They Make?

To make their massive yet delicious iced coffee, they used iced black Americano. In total, their cup measured 10 ft 10 inches tall and 8 ft 7 inches wide. Wow!

For those not in the know, iced black Americano is simple yet delicious, consisting of ice, espresso, and water.

What about the Largest Cup of Coffee?

More recently, in 2019, the largest cup of coffee was made in the Colombian city of Chinchina. This held a massive amount: 22,739 litres of smoking hot Joe.

This took many hands to make. Over fifty people worked for over a month to make that massive delicious coffee.

What Type of Coffee Did They Make?

They made a deliciously strong Arabic coffee and handed it out to residents of the city of Chinchina, Colombia.

Arabic coffee is different from other coffees in that it is boiled, not filtered, and black. They are made from light roast coffee beans and infused with many different spices including ginger, saffron and cloves.

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