The Ultimate KIDISLE Coffee Maker Review

KIDISLE Coffee Maker Review

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Are you looking for your next coffee machine to make great coffee easily? Well, if so, check out our KIDISLE coffee maker review!

I recently tried out this coffee machine, so without further ado, let me tell you my thoughts (both negative and positive) to better inform your purchasing decisions. No one wants to spend money on a machine and find out they don’t like it!

Out of 5 Rating

The Programmable Functions

If you live busy lives like me and often don’t have time to set up your coffee machine to make coffee, this coffee maker may be the one for you!

It is programmable for up to 24 hours, meaning that you can set the timer for it to start making your coffee in the morning so you can wake up and have freshly brewed coffee straightaway. 

I found that it was easy to set up, and the touch screen was a nice touch for making the machine look great and simple to use. 

The Design

As I’ve mentioned, the touch screen is a great addition, but what about the rest of the machine? 

In my opinion, it’s not anything fancy. It’s nothing like the design of the HADEN, for example. 

However, it’s clean, small, and compact, making it blend in perfectly with many kitchen styles. 

The Coffee

Now, let’s get to the bit you were probably waiting for: the coffee. I discovered that while the coffee wasn’t world-class, it was definitely of reasonable quality, especially for the price. 

It also has two flavor options: regular and strong. As someone who likes their coffee quite strong, you can probably tell that I appreciated this feature! 

What’s more, it can brew up to 10 cups, making it great if you are making coffee for your friends. 

Visible Water Level

Another cool thing about this machine is you can visibly see the water level thanks to its see-through section. This is quite helpful in making sure that I know exactly how much water is in there and when I need to refill, making it much easier to achieve my preferred water-to-coffee ratio.

The Filters

If you’re looking to save money, you’re in for a treat. This machine is not only cheap, but it also comes with a reusable filter, stopping you from having to buy countless disposable filters. 

Unfortunately for me, I found these filters to be of quite a low quality, which become a problem. However, this is only my personal taste – so it might be different for you. 

Wrapping Up Our KIDISLE Coffee Maker Review

Overall, it is quite a simple machine. But for the price, it offers everything you would need from a coffee machine that is easy to use and has the added benefit of a programmable coffee function. 

But if this is a bit too simple for you, why not check out the Mcilpoog for a higher-quality machine?

All in all, I hope you found this review informative. If you’ve tried out this KIDISLE Coffee maker, let us know your thoughts in the comments!