SOWTECH Espresso Coffee Machine (Review)

SOWTECH Espresso Coffee Machine (Review)

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The internet is full of amazing and not-so-amazing espresso machines. I’ve tried out a lot of them during my years, and my journey to finding the best has led me to this maker. 

But, has this machine got what it takes to join the great makers currently on the market? Keep reading as I give you my honest review of the SOWTECH Espresso Coffee Machine.

Let’s begin!

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Steam Wand

The steam wand on this machine is easy to use and can be adjusted to the perfect angle without hassle.

With a lot of espresso makers I’ve tried, I’ve had so many issues, so it was refreshing to try a relatively cheap maker that still offers the flexibility of a more expensive one.

However, there was a flaw that I found; the steam wand’s power was weak.

This meant that when I wanted to make a cappuccino, I had to use the steam wand for a while before the milk was hot and frothy. 

Again, I must say that this machine is by far one of the cheapest I’ve ever reviewed.

Therefore, I knew it wouldn’t be as high-quality as some of the others, although I was still happy with what it could achieve.

Espresso Quality & Speed

Making espresso was very easy. I could make a shot of espresso within a few minutes. Unfortunately, that’s the only benefit when it comes to talking about espresso. 

This is because I found the water temperature to be sub-par, which resulted in an almost lukewarm espresso shot.

It was at this point that the difference between a more pricey model and the Sowtech one really came to light for me. 

Because of this, I would only recommend this machine to beginners or those with a very tight budget.

There are plenty of other choices that produce much better-tasting coffee, like the Smeg.

So if your budget can withstand the extra hit, then I would recommend looking at that one or another one similar to it.


The simplistic design of this maker was appealing to me. It didn’t have the wow factor that the others I’ve reviewed have, but it complimented my kitchen nicely and wasn’t an eyesore. 

It’s very compact, making it the ideal choice if you don’t have much countertop room (or wherever you’re thinking of putting it). 

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the cap on the top. I think it looked out of place compared to the rest of the espresso maker. However, if you can look past that, then it’s not a problem!


Summing up my review of the SOWTECH Espresso Coffee Machine

For first-time espresso machine buyers, I think Sowtech is a solid choice. It may not produce the best coffee in the world, but it is extremely cheap for everything that’s included. 

I think it’s a good buy if you want to practice making cappuccinos and lattes before upgrading to a more high-quality maker. However, if you’re already a coffee aficionado, consider looking at some of the more expensive models – it will definitely pay off in the long run.