Sincreative Espresso Machine Review

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The Sincreative espresso machine is built for those that really care about making great quality coffee. So, as a self-proclaimed ‘coffee connoisseur,’ I had to try it. 

With that in mind, read on as I give you everything you need to know about this machine, the pros, cons, and everything in between. 

So, let’s get started. 


Built-in Grinder

Tired of having to grind everything yourself every time? Well, this machine comes with a built-in conical burr grinder to precisely grind any type of coffee bean on demand. Personally, this was fantastic for me, and it ground the beans down as finely or coarsely as I wanted. 

There were 15 adjustable grind sizes, allowing me to be as precise as possible when choosing the grind size that I prefer the most. 

However, I did need to clean it out every 20 or so days to ensure it stayed working perfectly.

Stylish Design

This machine has a very clean design. The silver, brushed stainless steel look is stunning, and perfectly suited the rest of my kitchen. The professional look and light-up buttons definitely make it stand out from the crowd!

Easy to Use

Although it’s a professional machine, it’s not too difficult to use. 

With a simple and clear dial interface for choosing your choice of steam, hot water, and whether you want single or double shots, it is relatively simple. 

Although it looks really complicated after taking it out of the box, I found that after using it for a week, I was able to make the coffee just how I wanted.

High Pressure (20-Bar)

20 bar pressure offers the optimal level for making great coffee. What’s more, this one has digital temperature control to deliver water at just the right temperature to extract the espresso as best as possible. 

Manual Microfoam

The steam wand is quite powerful, and it allows you to hand-texture the milk to get a microfoam that is perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

If you’ve ever thought about trying out latte art, you can try it using this machine!

I found that it makes very high-quality microfoam, and there aren’t too many machines on the market that rivals them when it comes to this. 

Coffee Taste

Because of the pressure system, microfoam, and the high-quality grinder system, I was able to make high-quality coffee just how I like it. It drew out all the flavors of the coffee beans and led to a delicious drink! 

Although some customers have found that it produces an inconsistent brew, I personally have never noticed this when I’ve been making one. 

Wrapping Up Our Sincreative Espresso Machine Review

Overall, this is a great machine, and it gives you the freedom to make your coffee just how you like it, without it being too difficult to use. 

However, if you’re looking for a machine that looks a bit more old-school, you should check out the Neretva!

All in all, I hope you had fun reading my review. Have you tried using this machine? What were your thoughts? Let us know all about it in the comments below!