MAttinata Espresso Machine (Review)

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Like most days, I wake up and click the power button on my espresso maker, but on this particular morning, the machine decided not to turn on. 

After my lack-of-caffeine rage subsided, I began my search for a replacement, which led me to this machine. 

So, let’s begin my MAttinata espresso machine review!

My Star Rating

Automatic Milk Frother

The MAttinata Cappuccino, Latte, and Espresso Machine comes with an automatic milk frother that removes the hassle of using a steaming wand.

Although a coffee aficionado in Italy is probably outraged, this feature definitely sped up the process when I wanted to make cappuccinos and lattes.

And if I’m completely honest, I was surprised at how high-quality the frother was, as the foam was fluffy and pretty much the same as foam made with a steaming wand. However, a small part of me did miss the authentic experience. 

Milk Reservoir

I had been warned by some of my friends that many automatic frothers have tiny reservoirs, which means that have to be constantly filled up. After hearing this, I decided to find a machine that had a large capacity reservoir. 

The MAttinata espresso machine did not disappoint in this department.

I was able to make multiple cappuccinos without having to fill it up, and when it was time to replenish the reservoir, it could be removed easily (this made cleaning much easier too).   

Materials Used

One of the main reasons I decided to try this espresso maker was because it’s made from stainless steel. A lot of the other machines I looked at were primarily made from plastic, with only a few being stainless steel.

Now I don’t think the plastic ones look too bad, but when thinking about durability, stainless steel wins every time. Also, stainless steel doesn’t rust, so I don’t have to worry about that down the line. 

Therefore, I recommend finding a machine that is mainly made from stainless steel. Whether you decide that this is the espresso maker of your dreams or fall in love with another one, make sure to check what it’s made from!

Operating System

Using the coffee machine couldn’t be easier. All I had to do was click one of the few buttons on the front of it, and I received my caffeine-infused drink in no time at all. I’ve had machines in the past that have confused me.

Thankfully, the buttons and what they do were easy to understand. 

Coffee Quality

I’ve been drinking coffee for years now. During that time, I’ve become somewhat of a fussy pot. So it brings me joy that I can actually say the coffee produced by this machine was very good. 

With that being said, I would not say the coffee made in the MAttinata Cappuccino, Latte, and Espresso Machine is anywhere near barista level.

But what I will say is that it does produce decent lattes and cappuccinos very quickly and conveniently. Plus, if you’re expecting barista-level results, then you’re going to have to pay a lot more. 

So what I’m trying to say is that this machine is good for its price, but if you want the authentic experience, you’ll need to dig a lot deeper in your pockets to pay for a machine of higher quality. 

The Tamper

I found it common practice that machines around this price range come with a plastic tamper. Personally, I’m not a big fan of them because they make it hard to apply enough pressure to ensure the best outcome after extraction. 

What I would recommend is to get a proper one alongside the machine. It won’t set you back too much, and the result when using one will be staggeringly good.

Otherwise, you can always look at another machine to see if they provide a non-plastic tamper. The likelihood is they won’t unless you’re looking at machines that have 4 digits, but if you do find one, well done!


Getting the MAttinata espresso machine set up was relatively simple. There was a manual, which I flicked through; however, I just decided to wing it, drawing on experience from owning previous machines.

If you’re a first-time coffee machine buyer, then the manual will provide straightforward information on what you have to do. Although if this is your 2nd, 3rd, etc.. machine, then installation should be really quick and simple, even without the manual.  


No one likes to do it (unless you’re Monica from friends), but you have to keep espresso machines clean. If not, your coffee is going to taste unpleasant. 

Fortunately, cleaning the MAttinata espresso machine was incredibly easy. The removable features, like the milk reservoir, made cleaning hassle-free. And with the help of a specialized espresso machine cleaning solution, the machine was squeaky clean and ready to produce good-tasting coffee once more. 

Latte Art (Or The Lack Of)

Being creative when making lattes is seriously fun. Now, as this machine comes with an automatic milk frother, you won’t be able to make latte art. Personally, I didn’t mind this too much, as I prefer convenience.

However, if this is something you care about, you’ll need to take this into consideration. 


Final Thoughts on My MAttinata Espresso Machine Review

Overall, I’m very happy with the MAttinata espresso machine, and I hope my review reflects that. Yes, the plastic tamper is not ideal, but you can always replace it with a high-quality one.

So, for its price, I believe it’s a good maker that both experienced coffee lovers and beginners will enjoy using. 

Although, if you’re wanting an authentic barista-style espresso maker, then take a look at the Breville. It may be a more suitable option!