KOIOS Espresso Machine Comprehensive Review

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After looking for affordable espresso machines, I stumbled across this one. It’s a new machine that’s only been released recently, which made me wonder if it overcomes issues that other models have around this price range or is just another mediocre machine.

So, keep reading as I provide my honest review of the KOIOS Espresso Machine. Let’s begin!

My Star Rating

The Interface

There are four buttons on the front of the machine, all of which are clearly labeled. This makes the machine incredibly easy to use whenever the urge calls for coffee. On the side of the machine, there is also a knob that you can use to activate the steam wand. 

These are not ground-breaking features that are going to change espresso machines as we know them; however, a clean and simple interface is definitely a good thing, especially as many others can be a challenge to figure out.

Coffee Taste

The 20 bar pressure pump in this machine is really, really good. A lot of other espresso machines around this price range claim to have 20 bars, but in reality, they don’t have anything near that pressure. 

If you’re not sure why I’m talking about a 20 bar, it’s because the more pressure a machine has, the more flavor you get from the coffee grounds. In other words, the KOIOS 20 bar pump is superb for making great-tasting espresso.

Keep in mind that the type of beans you use will also have a major impact. So the winning combination in my opinion is high-grade coffee beans and this machine!


The PID system (which is used to control the temperature of the hot water) can make or break an espresso machine. Thankfully, the KOIOS’ PID system was excellent. After using the maker for over three months now, I can report that every espresso I make comes out at roughly the same temperature, no matter how many times I use it.


When it comes to cleaning, it couldn’t be easier. The water tank can be removed without hassle, along with the drip tray. I do this every month, and I must say that the KOIOS espresso machine looks as good as the day I purchased it.

The only tricky part was trying to clean the steam wand. To keep it in pristine condition, you need a little bit of elbow grease to get rid of any dried milk. Although, apart from that, I can’t complain too much about cleaning this espresso maker.

Value For Money

Personally, I think the price is more than reasonable for the quality of the machine. The only extras you need before brewing are a milk jug (if you want to make lattes, cappuccinos, etc.) and a grinder. 

A milk jug is easily obtainable for next to nothing; however, a grinder is certainly going to increase the price by some digits. There is always the option of buying pre-ground coffee beans, but we all know that they don’t taste as nice. 

So, factoring in a grinder as well, you’re looking at approximately $200 for the whole set-up. I’ll let you decide if this is a deal-breaker for you. In my opinion, I think buying a grinder separately is a good choice if you’re looking to save a countertop room in your kitchen. Otherwise, there are other espresso machines with built-in grinders.

The Mirox is a good one if you want an all-in-one machine. 



That’s all I have to share with you today. Hopefully, my KOIOS espresso machine review helps you determine whether this is the machine for you. Either way, I hope you enjoyed reading and will catch your latte!