ICUIRE Espresso Machine Review

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Every time I open up the internet these days, it seems that there is a new espresso maker on display. And although my bank account would probably disagree, I think it’s great when new models get released – especially if I get the chance to try them. 

Luckily enough, that’s exactly what happened! So, here is my review of the ICUIRE Espresso Machine 20 Bar. Whether it’s the right machine for you or not, well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide; I can only share my experience. 

Out of 5 Star Rating

Let’s Talk Taste

One thing that this machine did great was at making heavenly cappuccinos, which was fantastic considering it’s my favorite type of coffee drink. The milk could be frothed to make foamy goodness in a matter of minutes, and the espresso was bold, flavorful, and hit all the right notes; the perfect combination for a cappuccino.

I also made many lattes and mochas too, both of which were glorious. So, overall, I was very pleased with the coffee produced by the ICUIRE. 

The machine has a 20 bar, which basically means it applies a lot of pressure during the extraction process, helping to extract loads of flavor from the coffee grounds you feed it. That’s why I always look for 20-bar espresso machines rather than those with 15-bars or less. 

The Price

Price-wise, I’d say the ICUIRE espresso machine is in the middle. There are some cheaper espresso machines out there, like the Mr.Coffee, and there are some that are very expensive, like the Bosch BCM8450UC

When you consider everything that’s included with this one, I’d say it’s well worth the price. Not only did I get a great coffee-making machine, but I also got a milk jug, tamper, and multiple filters. 

You must keep in mind that this machine doesn’t come with a grinder. I already have one, so not having one didn’t impact me too much. However, if you don’t have a grinder and want to make your own coffee grounds, then you’ll have either buy a stand-alone grinder or look for a machine that has one built in. 


Cleaning this maker was a breeze. All I had to do was wipe it down every so often and add some cleaning solution about once a month, and it worked perfectly. The only downside was trying to keep the steam wand clean. On a few occasions, milk clogged up the inside of it, which prevented it from working properly. However, after I thoroughly cleaned it with some solution, I was back to making cappuccinos once again. 

Oh, and removing the water tank and drip tray was easy too. As a result, taking them off the machine and giving them a clean wasn’t difficult at all.

The Interface

Apart from the cool pressure gauge on the front, the interface wasn’t anything special in my opinion. It was simple to use but didn’t have the “wow” factor that some of the other machines had when I tried them. 

The biggest benefit of this interface is that you don’t need to spend ages staring at the manual to figure out how it works (at least I didn’t). Instead, everything makes sense, and coffee can be made hassle-free.

Machine Specs


Overall, I really enjoyed using the ICUIRE Espresso Machine 20 Bar, and I hope my review reflects that. Glasses and mugs both fit easily, it makes really good espresso, and it comes with pretty much everything you need for home use (apart from a grinder).