How Much Sodium Is In Coffee? 

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If you’re a fan of coffee, you may be wondering – how much sodium is in coffee? The answer to this question may surprise you – coffee actually doesn’t contain any sodium! That’s right, coffee is a naturally sodium-free beverage, which makes it an excellent choice for people who are trying to reduce their sodium intake.

Where Does The Sodium Myth Come From?

But wait – if coffee doesn’t contain any sodium, why do some people say that it’s high in sodium? 

Things you put in your coffee may have sodium. For instance, milk will have some. Therefore, if you’re regularly drinking lattes, cappuccinos, or other high-milk coffees, then you are consuming sodium.

It’s even worse when drinking mochas – chocolate is notorious for its sodium levels (minus dark chocolate). 

Oh, and there is also the possibility that the coffee brand you’re getting is adding some to enhance the taste. However, the raw product definitely doesn’t have any!

Decreasing Sodium When Drinking Coffee

If you’re looking to reduce your overall sodium intake, you can usually enjoy your coffee without worrying about the sodium content. But if you’re not sure if the coffee brand you buy contains any sodium, here’s a tip:

Read the label on your coffee beans or ground coffee. It’s a simple suggestion, but it is genuinely the best place to find the information you’re after. 

Also, you could try this to avoid adding any:

Use unsalted cream or milk when you add them to your coffee. Many creamers and kinds of milk do contain added sodium, so be sure to use the unsalted versions when adding a splash to your drink.

To Sum Things Up

In conclusion, coffee is a naturally sodium-free beverage, but some people may add sodium to their coffee without realizing it.

To reduce your sodium intake, be sure to read the label on your coffee beans or ground coffee, and use unsalted cream or milk when you add one of them to your daily brew.

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