Gourmia GCM3600 Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker Review

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Everyone loves coffee and tea. I always found it a bit of a shame that there was never a machine that does both. That’s when I ran into this unique machine. So, read my Gourmia GCM3600 single-serve coffee and tea maker review as I list all the pros and cons of this machine I’ve tried. 

So, let’s waste no more time and start!

My Rating

The Design

So, we’ll start with one not-so-positive element. 

The design is extremely simple, and it looks a bit bland in comparison to some of the really good-looking coffee machines that some companies sell. 

However, for what it does, it’s reasonably cheap, so the simple design isn’t the end of the world when it comes to this machine. 

It is also reasonably compact, so it easily fits into my small kitchen, which I quite like. 

3-in-1 Capabilities

What I found really great about this machine is its 3-in-1 design. What does this consist of? In short, it makes coffee from a K-cup and coffee grounds, as well as being able to make tea from loose tea leaves. 

With that in mind, take a look at my review of each of the features and how good the drinks tasted:

Coffee from the K-cup

The first thing I tried was coffee from a K-cup. 

I’ve tried K-cup coffee a few times before, and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t think it was the best coffee in the world, so I wanted to see if this was any better. 

I must say that I quite enjoyed it. It wasn’t as good as coffee made from coffee grounds, but for the price, it was quite good. 

Coffee from Coffee Grounds

I was interested to try this out. 

I put the coffee grounds in, and it got to work immediately. 

After the coffee had been poured, I tried it out. I found the coffee taste to be quite nice, and I used this feature almost as much as the tea maker. 

Tea Maker

So, the main reason you’re probably here is for the tea maker. And, to be honest, it was also the main reason I wanted to try this one out. 

It was easy to use. I just had to put the tea leaves in the container at the top, add water to the tank, and it got to work straight away. 

The tea tasted great and was much better than the tea I can make from the kettle with half the effort!

Easy-to-Use Machine

One of the best things about this coffee is how easy-to-use it is. 

There were no really complicated dials or control panels. All I had was two buttons to choose between tea and coffee, and then it would get to work making the drink I wanted. 

Adjustable Drain

Another great advantage of this machine is that it provides an adjustable dyna-drain. 

This can be moved up or down, allowing me to put my travel mug in as well as my tiny espresso cup. 

I’m a massive fan of travel mugs and never leave my house without one, so this was a great addition to the machine. 

Most machines don’t do this, and I have to transfer the coffee from a small mug to my large travel mug, which takes up a lot of time, so top marks for this one.

Interchangeable Adapters

Having a coffee that still has some remnants of tea in it, or vice versa, is not nice. When I make these drinks, I want to keep them as separate as possible. 

This can be difficult for a machine that can do both, but luckily it avoids this issue. By having interchangeable adapters for tea and coffee, it keeps the tea and coffee processes completely separate. 

When I tried it out, I found absolutely zero traces of coffee in my tea (and tea in my coffee). Success! This is definitely one of the best features, as it can be easy to get this wrong. 

Cleaning the Machine

Although this machine has many advantages, unfortunately, one of the disadvantages is cleaning the maker.

The water tank is quite difficult to clean, and the build-up of muck there is the leading cause of this. I kept up with the cleaning consistently, so luckily it didn’t get too bad, but it is something you need to look out for. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The drip tray is completely removable, which I found extremely easy to clean.

On top of this, the adapters and holders were all dishwasher safe, which saved me a lot of time scrubbing it down, and more time enjoying my tea and coffee. 

The Noise

The machine was also quite loud, louder than many machines I’ve tried in fact. But if you don’t mind that, then it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 

Tea Maker Specs

Wrapping Up My Gourmia GCM3600 Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker Review

Overall, this was quite a good coffee and tea maker. It made high-quality tea and coffee quickly, was easy to use, and could even fit my travel mug in it! 

It wasn’t perfect, and the look of the machine and cleaning slightly let it down, but overall, I think the pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

However, this might not be the machine for you. 

If you just want a dedicated espresso machine that only produces really great coffee, why not take a look at the Mecity?

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and got all the information you needed before making a purchase. 

Have you tried out this one or similar ones? Did you like it? I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts in the comments!