Gevi Espresso Machine Comprehensive Review

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Hello, fellow coffee lovers! In today’s dose of coffee-related topics, I’m going to be doing a Gevi Espresso Machine review.

So, without wasting any of your precious time, let’s begin.

My Star Ranking

The Short Answer

This espresso machine is a decent contender when compared to others of its type. Making an espresso is very straightforward, and the price makes it very appealing.

Following this, the actual drinks you can make are good, not amazing, but good; this tends to be the case with cheaper machines. So, in other words, the quality of the cappuccinos, lattes, or whatever coffee concoction you decide to make won’t likely be to the same standards as coffee shops.

Oh, and if you were wanting a grinder, there isn’t one. Not a big deal if you already have one or want to buy an independent one, but if you want to keep the clutter in your kitchen to a minimum, then you might be better off looking at other express makers. 

However, there are many ways you can grind coffee beans using general kitchen equipment, so it shouldn’t be a problem. 

The Long Answer

Okay, now to “milk” the Gevi Espresso Machine review a little more. And I mean this quite literally as we start off by talking about the milk frother. 

Milk Frother

This machine comes with a decent milk frother that can be angled with ease. This makes steaming milk unproblematic. 

Furthermore, the frother is very durable. You really have to go to town in order to break it. So if you live in a household where things get broken regularly, then you’ll benefit from the frother’s robustness. 

Unfortunately, there is a little drawback. Steaming and frothing milk does take some time. This isn’t too out of the ordinary with home espresso makers, as the process of heating the water takes time – only premium machines, like the ones used at coffee shops, can do the job super fast. 

The Overall Appearance

If you have similar appliances, then this silver piece of coffee tech will fit right in. Personally, I love the appearance and believe it’s one of the machine’s best-selling points. The silver color also does an amazing job hiding any dirty marks, making it great for frequent use that doesn’t require constant cleaning.

However, when it is time to give the machine a deep clean, you can still see areas that need a scrub – what more can you ask for?

Let’s Talk Speed

Obviously, the faster, the better (at least when it comes to brewing coffee). So, if I’m being completely honest, this maker isn’t the fastest in the world. With that being said, it isn’t the slowest either. 

Say you want to make a cappuccino, for example. You’ll need to take 10/15 minutes out of your day to brew the espresso and froth and steam the milk. 

Now this certainly becomes tedious after using it for a while. So keep this in mind before deciding to make the purchase – can the stomach the wait? 

That’s All I Have Today

That just about covers it when it comes to reviewing the Gevi Espresso Machine!

But, yeah. Overall, not a big machine. However, if you want a grinder as well, you’re going to have to look for another one! Otherwise, this isn’t a bad purchase at all.