Geek Chef Espresso Machine 20 Bar Review

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After using a low-quality filter coffee maker for a while, I wanted to switch to something that produces higher-quality espresso coffee. Because of this, I stumbled across this machine. After reading up about it and seeing all the good reviews, I just had to try it out for myself.

So, feel free to read below as I tell you the main benefits and drawbacks of this machine, along with my final verdict. 

Let’s get started with this review of the Geek Chef Espresso Machine 20 Bar!

My Rating

The Design of the Espresso Machine

I really liked the design. The stainless steel effect looks fantastic, and it really suited my modern kitchen. It was also quite compact which is perfect if you don’t have much space (like me). 

The screen at the front also displayed the temperature, which was great to see so I could be sure that the coffee quality would be the same every time I used it. 

What’s more, the buttons are quite clear as to what is what, and they’re easy to use, which was a great relief, as many machines are often quite confusing. 

Coffee Quality

Now what you’ve all been waiting for: just how good is the coffee with this machine? 

In my opinion, the coffee is great. The 20-bar pump pressure ensures that the coffee quality is high, and I could really taste the extra aroma fuller taste from the espressos it made. 

It also had a single and double cup feature, where, depending on the strength of the coffee I was making, I could make up to two espressos at the same time if I wanted. 

Another thing that I quite enjoyed: the quick warm-up time. It took only a minute or so to warm up before getting to work making the espresso, which I found was much quicker than many other machines I’ve tried. 

Milk Frother

The milk frother was another great addition. It created delicious microfoam milk, perfect for my cappuccinos. What’s more, I could also try my hand at latte art. Although it wasn’t very good at the start, after a couple of tries it wasn’t too bad. The milk frother was definitely one of my favorite features when it came to this machine. 

Cleaning the Machine

The cleaning of the machine had its advantages and disadvantages. The 1.5-liter water tank was easy to remove, and as a result, this was incredibly easy to clean. 

However, the rest of the machine was a little more difficult. On top of this, I had to clean it out almost every week before the coffee taste started reducing. This is the same for most espresso machines, so it’s not a dealbreaker, but it could be slightly improved in this aspect.

Espresso Machine Specs

Wrapping Up the Geek Chef Espresso Machine 20 Bar Review

I must be honest, this is a great machine. The coffee tasted delicious, it had a great design, and I was even able to have a hand at latte art thanks to the powerful milk frother. Although cleaning it can be a pain, overall, I would definitely recommend it. 

But if you’re looking for a bigger machine, you might want to check out the CYETUS.