Fellow Clara French Press (Honest Review)

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High-quality French press makers are hard to find (in my experience). That’s why I was excited to try this one when I came across it.

So, keep reading as I go into my in-depth review of the Fellow Clara French Press. Hopefully, it should give you an idea if it’s worth getting or not.

My Rating 


When I first used this French press, I was blown away by how easy it was to use. Now, using any French press isn’t rocket science. However, there’s a difference between getting a consistent, flavorful pot of freshly brewed coffee and one that’s tasteless. 

The way the Fellow French Press achieves this is by clearly indicating how much hot water and coffee grounds should be added. It may sound simple, but the lines on the inside of the French press remove any guesswork, allowing for a quality brew every time.


I’ve used various French presses, and I can safely say that the Fellow Clara Coffee Press Coffee Maker is in my top 10 when considering appearance. The contemporary look is completely unique to pretty much every other one on the market. This means it fits well in modern kitchens that have a similar style – at least, that’s what I think. 

For me personally, the French press looked amazing in my kitchen. Normally, I’d hide this piece of equipment away in a cupboard, but I kept this one out at all times to show it off to my friends and family.


Like most high-quality French presses, this one was made from stainless steel. It also had a non-stick interior, which made cleaning easy without fear of scratching or damaging anything.

Now, full disclosure, I have only been using this for about 3 weeks. It’s hard to say whether the quality will deteriorate in a couple of months or not. However, it does seem very sturdy and doesn’t show any signs of going downhill yet – only time will tell!

Heat Retention 

If you’re an avid French press user, you know that heat retention is important! Thankfully, when I tried the Fellow Clara French Press, it gave me long-lasting results. Unlike others, it has a double wall vacuum that ensures freshly brewed coffee stays warm for longer. 

On one occasion, I had some friends over and whipped out this bad boy. After about 2 hours after I made some coffee, I poured some more from the French press, and it was still lovely and hot!

So, if you’re trying to justify buying this rather pricey French press, its amazing heat retention capabilities should be the reason. 


Concluding my review of the Fellow Clara French Press 

To bring this review to an end, I would have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed using this French press. Yes, it’s certainly pricey; however, you’re not only paying for the swanky design when you buy one; you’re also benefiting from powerful heat retention technology that can keep your brew warm for hours at a time!

With that being said, if this one is out of your budget, check out the Bodum Java (it’s a lot cheaper).