DR. COFFEE F11 Big Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

DR. COFFEE F11 Big Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

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If you take coffee seriously, you need a machine that can make the high-quality coffee that you desire. 

As someone looking to upgrade my old coffee machine, I thought this would be the perfect machine to try out. 

So, read on as I give you my unbiased review of DR. COFFEE F11 Big Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Machine, with all the benefits and drawbacks of using it included. 


The Design of the Machine

This is quite a unique design. It is basically just a big black cube. It looks very modern, and the touch screen really adds to that feeling, all while being ridiculously easy to use.

No matter the type of coffee I wanted, all I had to do was press a few buttons.

This machine is designed for all kinds of uses, whether it’s for your kitchen or an office. As such, the 8L water tank is suitable for everyone. You won’t need to be constantly refilling this one!

On top of this, if I wanted to use a large coffee cup or a tiny little espresso cup, I could move the nozzle up and down to my liking.

This was a lifesaver. I could fill up my coffee flask with ease! Top marks for this one on the design front. 

High-Temperature Frothing

Frothing is another thing that this machine excels at. The temperature of the milk froth is very high (at around 140-160 degrees Fahrenheit), so every time I drank the froth, I could enjoy the dense and smooth taste of it.  

Coffee Grinder

The coffee grinder, although good, isn’t the best on the market when it comes to the number of settings there are.

This is one thing that I think could be slightly improved, but this is more of a personal issue rather than anything else. 

There are 9 grinder settings that you can choose, so whether you want it ground down finely or coarsely, you have the opportunity to choose to make the coffee you prefer with this machine.

The ceramic flat burrs do a great job at grinding down the coffee beans quickly and efficiently, massively cutting down on the time it takes for a coffee to be made. 

Cleaning the Machine

For many machines, the cleaning process is a real pain. You have to scrub every little corner and crevice and descale every time you use it. This really takes some of the joy out of making and drinking coffee. 

However, I must say, this machine was a delight.

The automatic cleaning function meant that I hardly had to do anything apart from wiping it down now and then, as it got to work doing the most annoying jobs itself. 

Coffee Machine Specs

Wrapping Up My DR. COFFEE F11 Big Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Machine Review

All in all, I think that this is a great machine. The design is great, really easy-to-use, and makes fabulous coffee reasonably quickly. 

Although the grinder wasn’t 100% to my liking, I didn’t think it was too big of an issue where the rest of the machine is concerned. 

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper, smaller machine that has a bit more of an old-school look, take a look at the Café Bellissimo

I hope you liked this review. Have you used this machine before? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Let me know below!