Do You Wash Green Coffee Beans Before Roasting? What You Need to Know

do you wash green coffee beans before roasting

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If you’ve got some delicious raw green coffee beans, you are probably wondering: do you wash green coffee beans before roasting? Each bean is different, so read on as we explain whether they should be washed or not.

Do You Wash Green Coffee Beans Before Roasting? The Answer

This is a difficult question to answer. Many people often wash green coffee beans before roasting them. However, many coffee enthusiasts disagree with this notion.

In fact, when you wash green coffee beans you will receive an uneven roast. This is down to the core and the shell being roasted at different temperatures. Because of this, the taste of the coffee is drastically different, and not as nice when not washed before roasting.

How Exactly Does Washing Affect the Coffee Bean?

The main reason that washing negatively affects the bean is due to coffee beans being hygroscopic.

But what does that mean?

In short, it means that coffee beans can hold moisture much easier compared to other foods.

They already have a moisture content of 10 to 12% inside them before washing, so increasing this percentage is not a good idea.

So, if a bean has a lot of moisture on the inside of it the outside will burn, and the inside won’t cook well, leading to a very uneven cooked bean, resulting in a not-so-nice taste. Many of those who have tried to consume washed green coffee beans have reported a grassy flavor after tasting them.

Why Do People Still Wash Them?

Okay, so we now know that washing negatively impacts the green coffee bean. But why do they do this?

Mainly they do it to remove the coffee chaff. The coffee chaff is the dried skin that can be found on the bean. Although it is important to remove the chaff, it comes off during the roasting process naturally, so washing isn’t necessary.

How Do You Prepare Your Green Coffee Beans for Roasting?

In short, you don’t. You don’t need to wash them, and all you need to do is start roasting them right away!

How Long Do Green Coffee Beans Last Before Roasting?

Firstly, you need to know how to store them. They should always be stored safely in an air-tight container at around room temperature and in the dark. If it’s not and you use a see-through container, for example, the light will affect the taste of the coffee beans.

You can store green coffee beans for around 12 months. After this, they start to lose all their flavor and become undesirable to drink.

Also, although sometimes freezing is a good recommendation for long-term storage, it’s not in this case. This is because thawing will increase the moisture levels in the coffee beans, making them soggier and ruining their taste.

Remember These Tips for Preparing Your Green Coffee Beans the Right Way

So, now you should know how to prepare your green coffee beans before roasting them.

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