CYETUS Espresso Machine Review

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This machine is one of the most unique-looking machines I’ve seen. Because of this, I wanted to try this one to see if it matches up in coffee quality to its design. 

So, have a read of my CYETUS Espresso Machine review as I list all the advantages and disadvantages of using it. 

My Rating

The Design

So, let’s start with the design that I briefly mentioned above. The steel finishing, along with the mirror backdrop looks really good, and in my opinion, this is one of the nicest-looking machines out there. 

The screen is also easy to read, and the different buttons and switches are all labeled, making it so simple to use – even if you’ve never used a coffee machine before! Personally, I liked this feature. 

Often, the instructions are complicated for many machines. But, for this one, it wasn’t the case. The instructions were very simple and easy to read, so top marks for this one!

However, there’s more to come, so let’s keep going.

The Quality of the Coffee

The 15-bar ulka gold pump pressure is a great addition to the machine, and you can taste the difference between this and a regular cheap coffee machine. If you want good coffee (and I definitely do), then this is a great coffee machine to choose from. 

One of the main things that makes this a good maker is that it only takes 15 seconds to provide instant heat, making it better when it comes to quick extraction. As a result, I created delicious coffee drinks in about a minute. 

Milk Steam Wand

The milk steam wand is very high quality. It didn’t take too long to get a hang of it (unlike many others), and it produced great cappuccinos. Latte art wasn’t too difficult with this either, so if you want to try your hand at this, now’s the time!

The Integrated Grinder

The integrated grinder is a great feature and one of the standouts of this machine. With over 15 different grind settings, I could make the coffee I wanted to make with ease, whether it was using ridiculously fine grounds or really coarse ones. 

Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning the machine was a little difficult, and I needed to clean it before I used it at the start. However, descaling and cleaning weren’t too difficult after I got used to it. I found that cleaning it every week ensured the coffee kept to its high-quality taste, which was a bit annoying but well worth it for the delicious coffee. 

Espresso Machine Specs

Wrapping Up the CYETUS Espresso Machine Review

All in all, this is a fantastic machine. The design looked stunning, the coffee it produced was really good, and the built-in grinder was also fantastic. 

However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, check out the MEROL

Did you enjoy this blog? Have you used this machine before? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments!