Coffee Gator Espresso Machine Review

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I’ve been looking for a new espresso machine since my old one broke. In my search, I found one interesting budget option: the Coffee Gateer espresso machine. But is it good enough? I thought the same and so decided to try it out and review it for everyone else to find out if this could replace your old espresso machine.

So, let’s get into it as I give you my honest review of the Coffee Gator Espresso Machine!

My Rating

The Look of This Machine

It’s not the prettiest machine, but it does the job. What more do you need? The stainless steel top part looks nice, and the buttons are easy to read and use, so there are definitely some positives. 

On top of this, it is very compact. This fits perfectly in my kitchen, and I don’t have much space in there, so this is quite a big benefit if the same applies to you. 

The Quality of the Coffee

The coffee that comes out of this machine isn’t too bad, especially for the price. It’s not the same quality you’ll get out of a high-quality 20-bar machine, like the Geek, for example, but it’s not bad. 

The Coffee Gator espresso machine is a 9-bar espresso machine, and the brew time is quite fast. It only took a few minutes for me to make coffee, which is much quicker than many other machines I’ve tried. 

The Milk Frother

For such a cheap machine, the milk frother really isn’t that bad. It could make decent-quality cappuccinos and lattes, and with a little bit of struggle, I could even make latte art. However, the frother isn’t as good compared to some top-of-the-range espresso machines, but as I said, for the price, it isn’t too bad. 

Cleaning the Machine

One of the biggest advantages of this machine is the drip tray. Most of the residue from the steam wand falls into the drip tray, massively reducing my need to clean the machine. However, I have read from other reviews that the drip tray and brew head started to leak, but personally, I never suffered from these problems. 

You also have to clean it semi-regularly, cleaning the brew head and rinsing the portafilter to ensure the coffee doesn’t decrease in quality so much, but if you don’t mind that, then it’s a good value coffee machine. 

Machine Specs

Wrapping Up My Coffee Gator Espresso Machine Review

Overall, this wasn’t a bad machine. Although some people have said that the drip tray and brew head started leaking from time to time, I personally never had this issue. And even though the coffee quality wasn’t the greatest, for the price, it’s a bargain. So, if you don’t mind having coffee that isn’t top-of-the-range, this machine wouldn’t be a bad pick. 

If you’ve got to the end of my review and have decided you want to splash a little more cash, feel free to check out the impressive Smeg.