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coffee blending equipment

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A blender can be used for many things. Say, for example, you’ve started a new diet or feel like making some refreshing drinks, then it’s worth getting one. If you’ve stumbled across this page then you’re clearly looking for coffee blending equipment that can be used for making iced coffees. 

So what features should you look out for?

The Size of the blender

To find the perfect one, you’re going to want to look at the size. Are you planning on making iced coffee for yourself or for multiple people? 

The answer to this question will determine the size of the blender you’ll need. Although keep in mind if you like the idea of making a few cups at once for yourself, then a larger blender is the way to go. 

Can’t decide between either a large or small one? Well, you’re in luck. Certain models come with small and large jars, allowing you to choose which one you need when the time comes.

The power

Making iced coffee includes crushing ice. This means you’ll need a lot of power, otherwise, it just won’t work. 

To understand how good the power is in a blender there are two different main factors: wattage and horsepower.

If you check the product description when buying coffee blending equipment it should provide you with information relating to the power of the machine. 

Attachments that can be used

Modern blenders come with a variety of attachments, great for different blending tasks. The standard setup is all you need for making iced coffee, however, the time may come when you use the attachments for other recipes.

The most vital part you’ll need to look out for is a blade that can crush ice. Crushed ice isn’t part of many blender recipes, so a lot of blades cannot handle it. 

How fast the blender is

As my friend speedy Gonzales already knows, speed is essential. However, when looking specifically at coffee blending equipment, a slower speed is better. 

Higher speeds are used for making soups and stuff, whereas a lower speed is needed to achieve an amazing iced coffee.

Finding a blender with the right speed is easy. All you need to look for is blenders that come with multiple speed settings, slow, moderate, fast, etc. Plus, if you want to use it for anything else in the future, you have the option to do so!

How easy it is to use

No one wants equipment that needs a team of rocket scientists to figure out how to use it. Although this may be a little bit of an exaggeration, the point still stands. A blender that is operated easily without confusion is the ideal choice.

Cleaning without fuss

You’ll be surprised about how different the coffee blending equipment options are to clean. Blenders that can detach the sections that must be cleaned, such as the blades and jugs that can then be put into a dishwasher are the way to go.

Our Top Picks

1.Nutribullet Personal Blender (Amazon)Perfect for making single cups
2.Ninja BL770 (Amazon)Small and large jugs included
3.Black + Decker PowerCrush (Amazon)Good for those on a budget
4.Ninja BL610 (Amazon)Dishwasher Safe
5.The Professional Countertop Blender (Amazon)Known for its durability

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