Chefman Barista Pro Espresso Machine Review

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After looking for weeks for a new coffee machine, I recently stumbled upon the Chefman barista pro espresso machine. Once I started reading up about it, I knew I had to get it and review it. 

It’s got quite a few impressive features, but it’s not without its quirks. So, read on as I list all the pros and cons of this espresso maker.

Let’s get started.

My Rating

Coffee Quality

The coffee quality was quite good for this one, especially considering the cost. If you’re a fan of coffee and want a good introductory machine, this would be a great choice when you’re learning the ropes. 

The 15-bar pump produced some good coffee; however, it didn’t produce extremely high-quality, rich coffee compared to some of the machines I’ve tested. But for the money, it’s not that bad!

Using the Machine

This is probably the biggest advantage of the machine. The one-touch operation on the touchpad was extremely easy to use. 

There are three options at the top depending on the drink you desire: espresso – single or double; cappuccino – single or double; and latte – single or double. 

There are also options for frothing your drinks and cleaning the machine, making everything you need to do one touch away. Personally, I loved this feature, and this made me put it above many other expensive machines due to the fact that they were incredibly complicated – not this one!

The Frother

The frother was really easy to use, and most of all, it produced some really great froth. Because of this, the machine particularly excels at making lattes and cappuccinos, and the fact that so many of my friends tried it and loved it proves that this is the case. 

It was very simple to use; all I had to do was point the frother towards my cup, fill the container up with milk, and press the frothing button for it to get to work!

Large Water Tank

The 1.8-litre water tank is massive, and it saved me a lot of time, as I didn’t need to constantly refill it with water whenever I wanted to make a coffee. It is easy to remove as well, which makes cleaning it ridiculously easy. 

Small and Compact

I was quite worried when I first got this machine that it would be too big to fit anywhere in my kitchen. However, my worries were unfounded. This compact machine takes up hardly any room at all, allowing me to enjoy great foamy coffee without taking up too much space in my kitchen. At 11 inches by 12 inches, it is one of the smallest machines I’ve tried; however, I never had any issues with it being too small either. 

The Design of the Machine

The design of this machine is a particular highlight. It looks very modern, and the stainless steel finish really adds to the overall look of this machine. The machine’s design perfectly complemented the rest of my kitchen, and some of my friends mentioned the great design, so extra points for making it look so cool! If you’re looking for a machine that looks great and delivers good coffee too, you can’t go wrong at all with this one, in my honest opinion. 

The Noise

Unfortunately, this is one of the worst parts of the machine. It is very noisy, much noisier than quite a few other machines I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a lot. It also shakes when it’s making the espresso, which increases the noise. However, if you already have a loud household, it’s not bad all things considered. 

Cleaning the Machine

I detest cleaning. It is the single worst thing about owning a coffee machine. However, the cleaning for this machine was very easy, which I was quite thankful for. All I had to do was press the cleaning button after filling the tank up with cleaning solution and it would get to work straight away. 

On top of this, the removable drip tray made it even easier to clean. The only slightly painful part was wiping the machine down every time, but this took about 30 seconds, so it really wasn’t too much effort. 

Machine Specs

Wrapping Up My Chefman Barista Pro Espresso Machine Review

Overall, I quite liked this machine. The coffee quality was good for the price, it was extremely easy to use, and the froth wasn’t too bad. Although the noise was very loud and quite distracting, the other advantages more than make up for it. 

But if you’re looking for a more expensive machine that does a lot more (as well as making better coffee), check out the Holyview T6.

All in all, I hope you enjoyed reading this review. If you’ve tried out this machine before, let us know how you found it in the comments below.