CAVDLE Espresso Machine 20 Bar (Comprehensive Review)

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One of my favorite things in life is getting to test out espresso machines. Whether that’s sad or not is up to you to decide. 

Either way, at least you get an honest opinion about this machine that will hopefully help you decide if it is worth a purchase. 

So, let’s get straight into the CAVDLE Espresso Machine 20 Bar review!

My Star Rating

Overall Appearance 

As you can probably tell, the Cavdle machine is trying to please the Italians. That’s right; the machine is Italian themed from head to toe, color and all. 

Now, I loved the color, as it made the espresso maker stand out. With that being said, I can see how it could clash with some kitchen colors. 

So, I think the best approach is to picture it in your kitchen and decide whether it works or not.

If you’re struggling to visualize it, you could always print out a picture of the machine and place it where you want it. Yes, this does sound silly, but you’d be surprised how effective this approach is (and not just for coffee makers)!

Set Up Time

Unlike some of the other machines I’ve reviewed, like the Diletta machine, getting the Cavdle coffee machine up and running was very easy. 

Full disclosure, as I’ve reviewed a lot of these machines, knowing what to do when setting them up has become second nature to me. But I always take a look at the instructions and try to put myself in a beginner’s shoes. 

The manual was pretty simple and straightforward, so I’m confident that even a newbie could set this one up without struggling.

Coffee Taste

The machine uses a low-pressure presoak system. In other words, the system is designed to get the most out of the coffee grounds you put in the filter. Some machines don’t have this feature, and as a result, coffee is only extracted from the center of the filter rather than all of it (which makes the espresso taste very watered-down).

With this feature and the effective heating system, the espressos I made were pretty good. And the same goes for the lattes and cappuccinos I made too. 

The Steaming Wand

My review of the CAVDLE Espresso Machine 20 Bar wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the steaming wand. The wand is pretty standard, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It does what it’s intended to do without any problems. 

I did enjoy the small slider that operates the steaming wand, as it was quite different from other models I’ve tested. So that is a neat feature to have. 

Although, be warned: you’ll need to hold the milk frothing pitcher to properly heat up the milk. This is different from other (typically more expensive) expresso makers that have a stand for the pitcher to sit on. 

Espresso Maker Quality

The overall quality of the Cavdle Espresso Maker seemed good; however, I do notice some issues. It was my understanding that the machine was going to be completely stainless steel. When it actually arrived, I realized that wasn’t the case.

Most of the machine is made out of plastic. Personally, I wasn’t too surprised considering how much it costs, especially as the actual stainless steel machines I’ve tried were a lot more expensive. 

So it’s really up to you whether you’re okay with the plastic design or want to look at pricier models that use stainless steel. 


One of the pros of this machine is its compactness. Also, the espresso maker is very lightweight. 

This makes it easy to move around without worrying about damaging it. So if you need a machine that’s going to be moved around a lot, then this is the one for you.


Another good thing about the Cavdle machine being small and compact is that it can be cleaned easily. 

After about of month of using it, I used my standard espresso machine cleaning solution, and after 30 minutes, it looked brand new again.

Item Information

Final Verdict on the CAVDLE Espresso Machine 20 Bar

Reviewing the CAVDLE espresso machine was pretty fun. The design and its low-pressure presoak system were the best selling points. Oh, and the price. I thought it was very reasonable for what you get. 

With that being said, there wasn’t much else that made this machine stand out for me. And if you’re expecting it to be made out of stainless steel, you’re in for a nasty shock. 

But if you just want a machine that makes a decent brew and doesn’t break your bank account, then I think it’s a good choice.