Can I Take a Coffee Machine On a Plane? What you need to know.

Can I Take a Coffee Machine on a Plane

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If you have an unnatural relationship with your coffee machine and need to be in close proximity to it, you’ve most likely considered taking it when flying, hence reaching this page.

Or, in reality, if you’re moving and taking your coffee machine with you, this is what you’ll need to know when answering: ‘Can I Take a Coffee Machine On a Plane?’

Can I Take a Coffee Machine On a Plane With My Check-in Luggage?

Generally, most airlines accept coffee makers being placed in checked luggage. But there are still conditions that need to be met. For instance, the coffee maker must be within the baggage size and weight rules, otherwise, it could be refused, or result in you paying extra to transport it. 

For Carry-on 

Many often ask: Can I take a coffee machine on a plane in my carry-on luggage?

Similar to check-in, coffee machines, like the Seeutek, are allowed by most airlines to be put into carry-on bags. However, if they’re too big they will be refused. It’s best to check the airline’s rules on luggage dimension sizes and weight for carry-ons before turning up at the airport only to be rejected. 

Below we’ve listed some more information, including what to do if the machine has removable blades.

Can I Take a Coffee Machine on a Plane? Additional Information

To save you some time in the future, here are the general rules for transporting unusual items by plane:

Firstly, items cannot be sharp, otherwise, they won’t be allowed in carry-on bags. This goes for coffee machines that have removable blades. The blades must be placed in checked-in luggage, however, the rest of the machine can still be in the carry-on bag. 

Secondly, if you’re unsure about whether the item can be transported it’s always a good idea to do your research (like you have today), whether that be a quick browse on Google or contacting the airline directly to find the answer you’re looking for. 

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