CAFEMASY Coffee Bean Roaster Machine Review

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If you’re looking to find the perfect machine for your coffee roasting needs, you need to check out my CAFEMASY coffee bean roaster machine review. 

I’ve been on the lookout for something like this to level up my coffee making, so I was excited to try this out and make freshly roasted coffee beans

So, feel free to read on as I give you my honest opinion on this machine, from the positives to the negatives and everything in between.

Let’s get into it. 

My Rating

Roast Coffee Beans Yourself With This Machine

After using roasted coffee beans for years to make coffee, I wanted to go one further: using unroasted coffee beans. 

This machine roasted my coffee beans very well, and I thought it was a great machine for making wonderful fresh coffee. 

Its Features

This machine has an adjustable timer, varying from 1-15 minutes as well as 8 heating levels. This was perfect for allowing me to personalize whether I wanted a light roast, a dark roast, or something in between. 

It had the capacity to fit 3.5 oz of coffee beans in it, which is great for roasting big batches of coffee beans.

It evenly heated all the coffee beans, which provided me with a delightful experience of great-tasting coffee beans. 

2 Modes: Automatic and Manual

There are two modes with this machine: automatic and manual. 

Automatic Mode: I found this to be an easy mode to use – I just needed to click on the ‘auto’ button, and then the coffee beans started roasting for 10 minutes. I could adjust the timer once the beans had started to roast, but not any other time. 

Manual Mode: With this mode, I could change the timer and heating level as I wanted, and although I had to set it up every time, I preferred using this mode as I could customize my beans much more easily.

Heat It Up and Cool It Down

The air heating and cooling 2 in 1 function allowed me to adjust the fan power to provide hot or cold air when I wanted. This was a great feature, and it was one I didn’t see many other competitors have. 

The Design of This Machine

This piece of equipment looks fantastic. The black design of this machine and the heat-resistant see-through container, so I could look at the coffee beans as they’re roasting, was a great touch. It was also very small, so I could fit it in my kitchen, no matter how tight on space I was. 

I did find that it was very noisy, but it wasn’t the end of the world as I was used to my noisy espresso machine. 

Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning this machine was surprisingly easy. There are three separate parts that can be taken out, cleaned, and then put back together effortlessly. 

Every part of the machine is heat resistant, which makes cleaning it easy without worrying about certain parts breaking. 

Coffee Roaster Specs

Wrapping Up My CAFEMASY Coffee Bean Roaster Machine Review

I hope you liked my review of the CAFEMASY coffee bean roaster machine!

If you like peace and quiet at all hours of the day, this piece of coffee equipment probably isn’t for you. However, if you like delicious, freshly roasted coffee beans and don’t care about noise too much, you will probably love this machine as I did. 

If you’re looking to level up your coffee, why not use this roaster along with the Diletta Bello to make truly amazing coffee?