Bunn BX Speed Brew Review: The Quickest Machine?

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As I was looking for an easy-to-use and relatively cheap coffee maker, I stumbled upon this machine. 

So, if you are also looking for a coffee maker that ticks these boxes, read on as I list the positives and negatives in my honest Bunn BX Speed Brew review. 

My Verdict

The Design

The exterior design of the Bunn BX Speed Brew isn’t the most beautiful, especially when compared to many others at the same price point. However, it looks practical, and the buttons are in the right places to make it easy to use (just one simple on/off switch), so it’s not all doom and gloom. 

The Time It Takes to Make Coffee

The biggest benefit of this machine is that it can make 50 oz of coffee in only a few minutes. Crazy, right? 

However, there is a reason why this machine can do this. The tank needs to be full of water 24/7 and is constantly heated at the ideal temperature, saving tons of time when it comes to the brewing stage. 

Because of this, I was a little worried about the energy costs this coffee maker would bring about. 

But, as it operated at very low power, it wasn’t too much of a problem for my electricity bill. 

So, if you’re like me and you’re not a morning person and want coffee made quickly, this is a great machine to have. 

Unique Brewing Process

For coffee brewing, one of the best ways to ensure great-tasting coffee is for the grounds to be kept afloat yet still covered in water throughout the process.

This machine is quite unique in that it has a special spray head design that showers all the coffee grounds and mixes the coffee grounds to ensure they stay afloat and are continuously covered in water. 

Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning the Bunn BX Speed Brew isn’t the easiest. Emptying out the tank and cleaning the tank takes a lot of time, and both are much more time-consuming than cleaning a normal coffee pot. 

I ended up needing to descale this machine every few months; otherwise, the coffee taste started to really decrease. 

All I needed to do was put white vinegar in with the water in the tank for a couple of hours, run a brew cycle to rinse it, and voila! 

On top of this, I noticed that this machine also came with a deliming tool for cleaning the spray head tube, so all aspects of cleaning the machine were covered. 

What’s the Taste Like?

Well, you’re not likely to find the highest quality coffee here. It’s no Diletta Bello, for example. However, if you have experience with other cheap coffee brewing machines, this one comes in at around the middle of the pack. It’s good quality for what it’s worth, but it won’t absolutely blow your socks off when coffee is concerned. 

Item Specification

Wrapping Up My Bunn BX Speed Brew Review

I found that this was quite a good machine, especially if you’re in a rush and want to make coffee in just a few minutes. 

However, if you’re looking for a more substantial, high-end machine, feel free to look at the Sincreative!

So, I hope you liked my review. Have you tried the Bunn BX Speed Brew before? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments!