Bodum Java French Press Review

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The French Press is a fantastic cheap option for making high-quality coffee. As a massive French Press fan, I’ve been on the hunt up and down the US for the perfect, best-value French Press for making delicious coffee. 

So, let’s jump straight into my Bodum Java French Press review, as I let you know all about this piece of equipment, from the best things about it to the worst! 

My Verdict

Quick Background to the French Press

In 1852, a French man gave birth to what we now know as the French Press. With their ingenuity, they crafted a simple yet brilliant design—a cylindrical glass vessel, a plunger with a mesh filter, and a dash of French charm. It was like a miniature coffee brewing spectacle right on your kitchen counter!

It was then patented by the Italians in 1928 featuring the exact same design as the ones we use today. 

Word of this magical invention spread like wildfire, and soon enough, the French Press became the epitome of coffee sophistication. Parisian cafes adorned their countertops with rows of these magnificent brewing devices, beckoning coffee lovers from all corners of the world to experience its artistry.

Fast forward to the present day, the French Press has achieved global fame. Coffee aficionados across the globe swear by its ability to extract the true essence of their favorite beans. 

How it Looks

So, let’s dive right into this review. I found that the look of this French Press was brilliant. Its old-school design fits right into my kitchen and makes me feel like I’m an old French man brewing coffee for his customers in the late 1800s. 

It is simple, and its compact size (even for 1 liter) makes it perfect for fitting anywhere on the countertops or in cupboards. 

The Price

For a 1 liter, this is quite a cheap French Press, especially when you look at its competitors. The plunger works well, and with minimal effort, you can push it down and pull it back up again to make great coffee. 

The Materials

One issue with the French Press that I found is some of the materials used to make it. A lot of it is plastic, which I felt made it feel a bit flimsy and cheap. However, for the price, it is understandable. 

Cleaning the French Press

Cleaning out the french press is quite easy and all the pieces can come out to be thoroughly washed. This is not too different from any other French Press options. Also, the color didn’t start fading when I was washing it, so I found no issues in this department. 

Bodum Java French Press Review

Overall, I quite liked the Bodum Java French Press. It created good quality coffee thanks to the large surface area of the press and looked great, even if the materials were a bit flimsy upon closer inspection. 

But, if you’re looking for a higher-quality, automatic machine that does everything for you, why not check out the Zulay?

Anyway, I hope you liked reading our Bodum Java French Press review. If you’ve used this French Press before, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!