Amaste Drip Coffee Maker (Review)

Amaste Drip Coffee Maker review

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For most people, coffee machines are practical and not something to enjoy looking at. However, the Amaste drip coffee maker is one that does stand out in the looks department. 

It was because of this that I thought I should review the Amaste drip coffee maker to see where it ranks compared to my favorite drip coffee makers. 

Also, the looks aren’t the only thing it offers. Take a look below as I list the pros and cons of this machine to give you a better idea of what this machine is like before you buy. 

Quick Rating

The Design

I know I’ve already spoken a little bit about the design, but let me go into a bit more about it quickly before moving on. The old-school, gold and green design looks amazing, especially up close. It really feels like I’m in an old 80s diner! 

The Coffee

Now let’s move on to the taste. No matter how good it looks, it would be a pointless purchase if the coffee isn’t nice. Personally, it doesn’t make the greatest coffee I’ve ever tasted, but it does the job. If you don’t care too much about the intricacies of the different flavor profiles, then this one is for you. 

Reusable Filters

With the coffee maker, you will also receive a reusable filter to use with it. Now, this is great for many people, especially if you want to reduce harming the environment and save money. 

However, I found that the reusable filter started to stain quite easily, and on top of this, it didn’t taste nearly as good compared to when I used paper filters. 

The Price

The price of this machine isn’t too expensive but is slightly on the higher side considering the quality of the coffee you get out of it. However, most of the price goes towards the style of the coffee maker, it does look way better than almost every other coffee machine out there.

The Size

Compared to others, this is a reasonably small-sized coffee maker. Although this does add to its charm in the looks department, I found that this also means you can’t make loads and loads of coffee in one go. 

It is only 25 oz, so it will only be able to make you around 5 cups worth of coffee, which is quite small, especially when many produce coffee in the 10 to 12-cup range. 

Keeps Things Warm

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything else in the world, it’s drinking lukewarm coffee. One of the best things about this maker was that it has an option to keep your coffee warm for up to 30 minutes after it’s been brewed. 

It also helps keep your energy costs down, as it will shut itself down after 30 minutes without use. 

Wrapping Up My Amaste Drip Coffee Maker Review

In total, although there were a few small issues with it, the Amaste drip coffee maker has a lot of charm, and creates decent coffee, all while looking fantastic. 

However, if you’re looking for a cheaper coffee maker that still looks great, feel free to check out this French Press

All in all, I hope you enjoyed reading our review. If you’ve made coffee using this maker before, let us know how you got on with it in the comments!